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  • Sitting at 100
  • M1 at the 50
  • Pistol at the 25
  • Pistol at the 25
  • Rifle at the 100
  • Rifle at the 100
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Trap And 5-Stand News

5-Stand will be closed November 26, all of December and will re-open January 7, 2018. Trap will be closed November 27 to March 5, 2018.

M1 Garand shoots

--April 9
--June 11
--Sept 10
Sign up at 8:00 shoot at 9:00

.22 Plinking Shoots

--Sept 17
--Oct 8,
--Nov 12
Sign up at 8:00 shoot at 9:00

Silhouette Shoots

Members Only Cost: FREE!
--May 21
--July 16
--August 13
--October 15
Sign in at 8:00 Shooting begins at 9:00

Hunter Ed

-- March 11th

-- April 8th

-- May 13th

-- September 9th

-- October 14th

-- November 11th


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